Major Pharma company has launched 400th Clinical Trial onto EDETEK’s CONFORM™ Clinical Informatics Platform

EDETEK Inc.  is excited to announce today that one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies enrolled 400 clinical trials into CONFORM™ Informatics.

Over the past five years, CONFORM™ has gained significant traction in the industry, with four of the top five pharmaceutical companies in the USA and numerous smaller firms adopting the platform, resulting in the implementation of over 2,000 clinical trials.

CONFORM™ has emerged as a transformative business and technical solution for increasingly complex clinical trials. It creates an end-to-end digital interoperable ecosystem to rapidly orchestrate the movement, evaluation, and submission of clinical research data through a seamless and transparent experience for all stakeholders.

400 studies of a single sponsor in the platform is a major milestone that EDETEK is proud to share.  It reflects not only the hard work that many team members have put into the vision, development, and testing of CONFORM™, but also underscores the trust placed in us by the user community to provide a robust, stabile, and scalable solution for their clinical trials.  Jian Chen, EDETEK President, said “we are so proud of this milestone.  It reflects the commitment by our entire global team to deliver a world-class clinical technology platform to the medical research community and the faith that our clients have put in EDETEK to bring a much-needed science-based solution.”

CONFORM™ Informatics platform attracts customers who need to ingest, monitor, clean, transform and analyze the data swiftly, and use the data and standards to create regulatory submissions. The system was adopted by many sponsors working on the COVID vaccines during the pandemic. In one of these trials almost 300 million data points from multiple data providers were pushed into the CONFORM™ cloud repository in near real-time empowering data managers and statisticians to swiftly evaluate the efficacy of a life-saving vaccine.

By continually attracting prominent and emerging life sciences clients CONFORM™ has firmly established itself as a groundbreaking solution in the realm of clinical informatics. EDETEK remains committed to advancing the platform and supporting the medical research community with its cutting-edge technology.

“EDETEK’s innovative services result in unparalleled advantages for clinical development related to data quality, time of completion, and cost efficiency”
Senior Producer
Richard Lubin


EDETEK is an innovative clinical solutions company that provides high-quality technology platforms and related clinical services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. From its headquarters in Princeton, NJ, and offices in Asia and Europe, EDETEK has delivered innovative solutions since 2009, including the COMFORM™ platform, released in 2016, resulting in unparalleled advantages for clinical development related to data quality, time of completion, and cost efficiency.

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