Panel: Trial decentralization in practice

  • A practical guide to how data consensus, intelligent process design, and talent optimization can be used DCTs to drive operational efficiency, reduce trial costs and ensure successful and coherent external vendor strategies
  • Discover how integration with pre-existing health networks can streamline trial operations and increase flexibility
  • Identify the practical barriers to operational decentralization and how technological solutions to e-consent, telemedicine, ECON and devices can be employed to mitigate these challenges


EDETEK is an innovative clinical solutions company that provides high-quality technology platforms and related clinical services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. From its headquarters in Princeton, NJ, and offices in Asia and Europe, EDETEK has delivered innovative solutions since 2009, including the COMFORMâ„¢ platform, released in 2016, resulting in unparalleled advantages for clinical development related to data quality, time of completion, and cost efficiency.

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